Meet Our Counselors

Kenton Gray, LCPC


I believe that in therapy, the focus should first be on learning to gain acceptance of ourselves. I feel that our beliefs about ourselves are paramount because they shape the beliefs that we have about other people and in turn, the rest of our environment. After we identify the beliefs about ourselves that need to be adjusted, we can work on how to improve those beliefs, which will improve our interactions with others and the way that we see the world. I look forward to helping others with that process. Another focal point of therapy is to examine the way that we develop our identities based on our perceptions of where we come from and what we have been through in life. Everyone has the opportunity to improve their sense of self by improving how they develop their respective identity. I am a real down to Earth person and my motto is that you should always entertain the possibility that you might be wrong – which I also practice daily. Although it isn’t something that comes naturally to most, it’s something that, once you practice, can change your relationships and your life for the better.

Heather Adams, LMSW

female counselor
My personal motto is, “If you want to change the world, start in your home.” We need to heal ourselves so we can raise healthy families to go into the world, equipped to take on life’s challenges.  
I am a Licensed Master Social Worker with experience working in foster care and adoption, mental health, and addiction. Additionally I have experience working with individuals, couples, growth/personal exploration, parenting issues, grief/loss, anxiety, depression, relational stress, and men’s challenges. I enjoy working with clients from all backgrounds. 
When working with my clients, I take a strengths-based, person-centered approach. I believe therapy is a collaborative approach with the overall goal to achieve both a healthier life balance and desired goals.
 Life has many challenges and we can all benefit from some support and guidance during difficult times in our lives. I am passionate about helping my clients feel validated and accepted in their journey to achieve the lives they want to lead.

Isabel Palmer, LPC

female counselor
I believe that everyone can benefit from therapy. I see clients from all walks of life, including pre-teens, adolescents, and adults. As a mental health professional, I am committed to providing you with a safe and supportive environment to help you discover how to achieve mental wellness and radical self-acceptance. 

I foster therapeutic relationships based on equity and compassion, believing that my clients are the experts in their own lives.
I am an LGBTQIA+ affirming counselor with over 5 years of experience in the mental healthcare field and over 2 years of experience as a counselor. I have experience working with individuals struggling with grief and loss, stress, depression, anxiety, suicidal ideation, self harm, self esteem, and sexual addiction, as well as a variety of other issues.

Nic Manfredo, LCPC

picture of therapist

Carl Rogers once said, “The curious paradox is that only when I accept myself just as I am, then I can change.” We are all unique and I approach each client in a curious, patient, and non-judgmental way to meet them where they are right now and support them in working toward acceptance, which I believe to be foundational to any meaningful change. This process can be both uncomfortable and rewarding, so I encourage clients to approach therapy as an investment in their lives. I also encourage you to give yourself credit for making the decision to seek therapy! It really does take courage.

I believe clients are experts on their own lives, and that oftentimes, clients already possess the strengths and competencies necessary for change/growth but have simply yet to be discovered. It is my duty, and honor, to support and collaborate with clients through the process of self-discovery and utilizing their resources more efficiently.

One of the unique aspects of therapy is that you can practice and develop in areas without fear of judgment, criticism, or embarrassment that may come from trying new things out with others in your life – you can hone your skills in therapy and gain confidence being vulnerable, authentic, assertive, and expressive in a safe, accepting, non-judgmental space.

Because we all have different stories and perspectives, I have an eclectic approach to better serve each client’s uniqueness and needs. I primarily utilize CBT, DBT, and have completed level 2 training in Gottman Method Couples Therapy and am also trained in a variety of other interventions and modalities. I enjoy working with teens (14+), adults, and couples.

Sarah Gibson-Clark, Office Manager

counselor headshot

I respect the life events, circumstances and emotions of our clients and strive each day to build a relationship with them that will encourage and elevate their therapeutic experience. 

With over 20 years in the Treasure Valley, I have been committed to understanding and knowing the resources in the area to include but not limited to; Mental Health Services, Medical Health Services, Addiction Services, Rehabilitation Services, Housing, Medical Insurance, and Support Groups. I believe this has helped me evolve into the Mental Health Advocate I am today. Realization of individuality and the difference in how circumstances, events and emotions are processed has shown me our community outreach and resources are underutilized and I will try my best in providing resources needed to our clients and provide help when some feel there is no help available.

Rylee Graves, LPC

counselor headshot

Through counseling, I believe that everybody already has the tools to help themselves. As a counselor, it is my job to help others find those tools to work through difficult times and life problems. My theoretical approach is eclectic with an emphasis on CBT, Person-Centered, and Art therapy. I enjoy working with people from all walks of life who are interested in challenging themselves to increase self-awareness and acceptance. I believe that each person is going to have individualized needs and there is not a one-size fits’ all counseling approach. Counseling is a collaborative effort between client and clinician to make and meet goals and create meaningful life changes.

Rachel Covalt, LMSW

female counselor

I believe that everyone can benefit from therapy at some point in their lives. Whether you’re seeking support through difficult life transitions, hoping to improve your relationships, needing to heal from trauma, or if you’re coping with mental health challenges such as depression and anxiety.

Every person’s needs are different and every reason for seeking therapy is as unique as the individual. Your therapeutic journey should be tailored to your needs. I take a holistic approach to wellbeing- mind, body and heart. Struggles in one area can be enough to make our whole selves feel out of balance. I start every therapeutic journey with an open, honest, and strengths-based exploration of your challenges, successes and current coping skills (Yes, we all have coping skills already in place!)

Therapy should be a positive experience where you feel valued, respected and supported in a comfortable and safe environment. My ultimate goal is for you to gain the skills and confidence you need to live a meaningful and fulfilling life. There will always be bumps along the way, but with the right tools, we can navigate these challenges as they occur.

My practice focuses on adolescents (14+), young adults and adults. Primarily, individuals struggling with a variety of issues including interpersonal relationships, self esteem, family issues, chronic stress, trauma, anxiety, mood disorders (depression & bipolar disorder), suicidal ideation and self harm.

My approach to therapy is trauma-informed and includes a combination of Mindfulness, Acceptance & Commitment Therapy (ACT), Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), and some elements of Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT).

Chole Richmand, Intern


As a therapist, I deeply value the unique relationship that naturally develops and grows with each client. I believe that connection is a vessel for mutual trust and vulnerability; therapeutic change is not possible without it.
I adopt the philosophy that each person (even if they do not know it yet) has the answers to their concerns. I aim to increase self-awareness of these answers by supporting and challenging my clients through the tools of CBT, Solution-Focused Therapy, and Existentialism. I adopt an eclectic approach in order to fit the particular needs of each unique client.
Though each client and each session may be different, authenticity, honesty, and humor will always be present in my room.