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March 23, 2020

RE: Services available during self-quarantine

In order to continue to offer support and therapy services to those in need, we at Acceptance Counseling Services are committed to remaining actively involved in offering alternative options for present and future clients. We understand some people are concerned about maintaining a health social distance in order to protect themselves and others. We also understand some people are struggling with new and increased stressor’s in life; including financial and fears regarding the short and long term consequences of the pandemic.

We are continuing to schedule clients for session in person for those who prefer this option while taking precaution to sanitize the offices multiple times per day. We are also offering telehealth options for virtual session to take place over video chat through a variety of options including: Face Time, Google Duo, or video conferencing sites such as Doxy or Skype.

We hope being able to provide these options will allow everyone who would like to participate in counseling to be able to do so without adding to the fear and anxiety or jeopardizing anyone’s health.

We appreciate those who have adapted along with us in the process.

Please contact us at (208) 793-0004 to schedule an appointment. We can offer same week sessions most of the time. You can also find us at


Kenton Gray LCPC

Who We Are

Whether it’s individual, couples or family therapy you are seeking, finding the right therapist is important. We believe good therapy is dependent on a good fit. It’s our goal to help you find treatment that best fits you. We hold specialized knowledge and training in several key mental health treatment areas.  Each team member focuses time, energy and resources to develop the skills and knowledge base to best support you.

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An Environment of Healing

Our new offices are the perfect setting to begin your journey. With over two decades of counseling experience, we understand the importance comfort plays in therapy. With that in mind we have carefully created a welcoming and safe environment for our clients and counselors. Designed to alleviate the distractions and put you at ease while you are within these walls.

What We Do

We seek to provide comprehensive psychological services at a high level of professional excellence. We employ a wide range of clinical treatment modalities based on the needs of our clients. Just click for more information on the common therapeutic issues we treat.

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